Cold day

Back to the farm on my own last Sunday afternoon to get the project off the ground.

Temperature occasionally dipped below freezing point last week, leaving the building literally stone cold.

Trying to survive without starting the gas heater – no fossil fuel, we said.

You may think nuclear energy is the key. I can tell you, you will be wasting your time trying to start a chain reaction here. The magic man-made discovery has always been and always will be matches. The old wood-burning stove was immediately back in operation, saving the day.

Well, just switched on one spare electric heater this morning – we are definitely not off-the-grid-ready yet, are we?

This afternoon, the public service guy in charge of waste water treatment turned up. Very nice and conciliatory indeed. I just have to find out where my waste water is discharged. Oh really? How do I know? This is rural France.

And this evening, my Dad told me he had just found in the mailbox the approval letter for a subsidy by the Regional Council. Thank you for your support. All thumbs up. This is a good cause.