Our Farmhouse


Our farmhouse is an authentic heritage farm, whose traditional buildings and gardens were designed to provide self-subsistence to the local farming community.

While early foundations probably date back to the 16th century, the buildings in their current state were completed around 1930 as a result of several upgrading stages.

It is the same spirit of keeping up with the times, while preserving our ancestors’ achievements, that has driven the latest conversion of the farm into today’s guesthouse.

As a pilot project, the house has actually been completely revamped to showcase a modern eco-friendly lifestyle, based on energy self-sufficiency on one hand, and minimalism on the other hand.

Hence, it offers an unique blend of modern technology and vintage design, in a “rustic chic” style that may surprise you by its simplicity and elegance.

Accommodation consists in an open-plan living space on the ground floor, and three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms on the first floor.

Please note that, in line with our off-the-grid lifestyle, there is no TV available on the premises.

However, we do offer wi-fi connection in each room, albeit through the only locally available 3G network. Connection speed is therefore slow, and internet usage should be restricted to emailing, basic surfing and voice calls.


The Open-Plan Ground Floor


The ground floor has been turned into an open-plan living space combining cooking, dining and lounging amenities.

There stands, opposite our great grandaunt’s dowry closet, the emblematic wood-fired boiler stove – the project trump card actually saving the day when sunshine is scarce.


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The Bedrooms


Bedrooms have been specifically designed to offer the seasoned traveller the expected comfort essentials, from custom-made solid oak furniture to carefully selected bathroom accessories.

Each bedroom comes with the same features, designed or selected for their functionality, simplicity and elegance:

– bedding for two people, with cotton sateen bed linen and bathroom linen (bath towel, hand towel, bath mat)

– open wardrobe fitted with wooden hangers, laptop table(s) with chair and stool, bedside table with integrated laptop safe

– tea set, bathroom scale, disposable sanitary bin with sanitary bags dispenser

Toiletries may be graciously supplied upon request: shampoo, shower cap, dental kit, shaving kit, vanity kit.


The Curry Bedroom


Named after its beams’ colour, the curry bedroom is the largest, and may accommodate an additional portable infant bed.


It is fitted with twin 80 x 200 beds.


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The Lilas Bedroom


The lilas bedroom faces southward and gets the most sunlight.


It is fitted with twin 80 x 200 beds.


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The Green Bedroom


The green bedroom faces westward and thus gets evening light. It is also the quietest.


It is fitted with a double 140 x 200 bed.


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