Thematic Visits


Should you be interested to know more about renewable energies in the region, we suggest a few visits in the vicinity, which we could possibly facilitate during your stay.

Biogas Generation


A brand new biogas generation plant is being built close to the city of Brioude, just 50 kilometres away.

Methane will be produced by fermentation of biomass waste products, and will be directly injected into the city gas network for heating purposes.

The plant should be operational by summer 2019, and guided plant tours should be possible by then.



Huge hydroelectric dams and artificial lakes they created have become iconic landmarks the world over. Who hasn’t heard of the Hoover and the Three Gorges dams?

The nearby Grandval dam, associated with Eiffel’s Garabit viaduct standing 30 kms from our farmhouse, has long been one of the most famous in France.

Lesser known are the smaller hydroelectric facilities scattered all along the region streams. More details during your stay.

Geothermal Heating


Montchauvel resting on the fringes of a volcanic area, it is no surprise to find hot springs nearby.

Established 50 kms away, the city of Chaudes-Aigues, literally meaning “Hot Springs”, has been famous since Roman times for its natural thermal baths.

Thanks to high water temperatures and steady flow rates, the city had enjoyed communal heating since 1332.

Today, the city hot springs are exclusively harnessed for heating its modern spa complex.

Wood Gasification


Wood has been a prime energy source since the mastery of fire, thanks to its abundance and flammability.

Hence, since renewable energies are currently being propped up, it is virtually back to the future.

If combustion has been widely improved with pellets, wood gasification, as developed during WW2, remains promising.

We are currently investigating a suitable technology, with a view to setting up a pilot installation on site. Stay tuned.

Wind Farm


Three wind farms have been developed on the plateaus opposite Montchauvel, just over 20 kilometres away:

La Chapelle-Laurent (3 turbines, 6 MW), Rageade (12 turbines, 24 MW), Ally-Mercoeur (26 turbines, 39 MW)

Visits of the Ally-Mercoeur wind farm can be organised through “Action Ally 2000

Solar Power


Solar power can be harnessed in different ways, the most versatile and popular being through photovoltaic panels that convert light into electricity.

Medium-size installations are getting popular, with new PV panels regularly popping up on large agricultural buildings such as hangars and barns.

Larger facilities have also been built, the contact details of which could be provided during your stay.