Please take note:

The following activities are listed for your information only, and do not constitute any commitment that they can be organised during your stay.

Contact details of third-party organisers are also given for your information only. Even though we may facilitate communication with these organisers, we cannot guarantee that their services meet your expectations.

Hence, taking part in these activities is at your own choice and risk, and we shall not be held responsible for any misunderstanding, shortcomings and /or mishaps arising from your participation in these activities.

Wildlife Safari


Following wildlife conservation programmes, population of a number of species has risen substantially in the area over the past decades.

In actual fact, you can see all kinds of cervids and birds by merely driving on the main roads.

With a bit of luck, you might even come across a squirrel, a hare or an otter dashing across the road. And beware the wild boars roaming around.

High Flying


We are lucky to live in an uncontrolled airspace, except for a few military low-flying training corridors.

Hence, there are a couple of airfields within less than an hour’s drive where you would find gliding, skydiving, paragliding, light and ultralight aircraft flying opportunities   –   Loudes airfield   –   Coltines airfield   –   Brioude airfield

You may even try a light aircraft pilot-in-command initiation with a qualified instructor for an affordable fee.

Please contact us upon arrival for further details and possible arrangements.

Spotting Flora


Thanks to the area wilderness and mid-altitude temperate location, we can enjoy incredible flora diversity.

Both resinous and deciduous trees, together with a myriad of flowers, dot the landscape, each season bringing about its own set of flamboyant colours.


Romanesque Architecture


Interestingly, the region’s isolation had been a blessing in disguise, as it was shielded from regular devastating invasions.

The Vikings did not make it to the Auvergne, nor did the English during the Hundred Years’ War.

Hence, by and large, medieval heritage has been spared, and the Auvergne is now famous for its Romanesque churches.

More than a dozen are actually worth visiting within a 30-km radius. Just ask for our dedicated map showing their location.


Hiking, Trekking


For the leisurely hiker or the seasoned trekker, this is indeed paradise country.

There are actually dozens of trails to choose from within less than 30 minutes’ drive from our farmhouse.

Some of them are so close that you can in fact set on foot from the house.

Maps and guides may be graciously provided upon request.

Picking Mushrooms


This is the most challenging treasure hunt I have ever experienced.

Before setting about, you would have to know WHEN, WHERE and WHAT, the “WHAT” issue being the most scary, as you might confuse the eatable from the deadly lookalike mushrooms.

Amateurs like me, just forget it. But if you are a regular mushroom hunter, this area is said to be next to none. Gorgeous ceps, girolles, morels … you would know anyway. And you would certainly know when to book.

Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting


You don’t have to swim upstream with our friends from CAP’VACANCES.

They will take you there by coach for you to enjoy a smooth and memorable sailing down the river Allier.

Birch Water


Birch water health benefits have been widely reviewed. To be sure, it does not do any harm.

Therefore, come and tap your own pure birch sap in nearby forests. Bring as many containers as you can carry … when full.

Fees by the litre will apply, as you may only tap privately-owned birch trees under supervision.

Be aware that birch water collection only takes place in early spring. Check your booking accordingly.


Steam Engine


At a time when individual engines were out of reach for most of the peasantry, people had to rely on special steam engine services to alleviate manual labour.

Fired with local wood and towed by oxen, those machines would go from village to village, in order to provide the required power for threshing wheat.

You may wonder at our neighbour’s 1926 vintage steam engine, which he does fire up every now and then.

Please check our booking schedule for timely notice.

Winter Paradise


Enjoy the magic of our winters. No queuing on slopes. No competing for selfies spots. Just pristine wilderness on end.

But hurry up! With global warming spiralling out of control, there are now only a few snowy days left a year, randomly scattered over the January-March period.

Try your luck on our booking schedule. Not everyone wins, but some do.


Sky Watching


The farmhouse is located in one of the last remaining dark sky areas in Western Europe.

So bring your telescope along, and win a free night with a nice picture of the Milky Way for our website.


(*) picture has to be approved, and rights given for publication – only one night on offer, on a first-approved-first-gets basis

Artistic Forging


Why not have your own wrought iron decorative items hand-forged during your stay at the artistic blacksmith nearby?

Discover this local know-how brought back to life by one of our talented expats from Belgium.

And learn the basics of the trade if you feel like turning on the heat.

Making Jam


Whether you pick them from our rich neighbourhood, or buy them from the open bio market nearby, you are welcome to turn your berries into homemade jam at our farmhouse.

Red and black currants, mulberries, raspberries, black- and blueberries, and elderberries are all for grabs in our neighbourhood.

Just make sure you book at the right time, as shifting seasons are getting common nowadays.

Traditional Baking


You are welcome to make use of our traditional century-old bread oven for your own baking, be it pizzas, pastries, or roasts of all sorts. Complimentary for guests.

Just bear in mind that the oven needs four to five days’ warming before reaching the suitable baking temperature.

Yes, you would have to get involved as part of the experience. So make sure you book the “long” stay option. Bon appétit

Mountain Biking


Our neighborhood has endless cycling opportunities to offer, with its mountain roads and tracks winding through pure wilderness.

You may check for itineraries.

And if you are a cycling expert looking for new challenges, you may like to follow the Tour de France that passed our farmhouse (1999, stage 12).

Grunting Bucks


Under development. Stay tuned