Appointment with the engineer

Sketch of the farm fitted with solar energy collectors – Courtesy architect Francois Desnier

I met the engineer yesterday for an overall review of the required installation:

– 10 square metres of thermal solar panels, yielding a roughly estimated 5 kW peak power – these will go on the main house roof

– 90 square metres of photovoltaic solar cells sparking an expected 13 kW peak power – those will cover the barn roof

– a 14 kW wood stove complete with a water boiler for boosting central heating and hot water generation – it will replace the old one

– 2 x 800-litre hot water boilers for storing and delivering heat – they will be stacked in the closet

– batteries for 20 kWh worth of energy – not sure where these will go

Did you say off-the-greed?