Experience authentic off-the-grid lifestyle

in an energy self-sufficient farmhouse

The Montchauvel Project

An energy self-sufficiency showcase in a rural context

Survival with no grid connection and no fossil fuels? Is it really possible?

How to keep warm in winter with freezing temperatures? What would be the trade-off between comfort and sustainability? What can “renewable” energies actually do?

Come and check for yourself in our century-old family farm, which we have renovated into an authentic off-the-grid guesthouse.

We offer a unique lifestyle experience, based on technology and minimalism, in the heart of the Auvergne region, a mountainous area in Southern France.

Manage the energy balance hands-on during your stay

Heat from biomass

Heat generation through a wood-fired stove with cooking plate and water boiler

Solar heating

Solar heating through solar thermal panels and hot water buffer tanks

Power supply

Electric power generation and storage through photovoltaic panels and batteries

Enrich your stay with visits and seasonal activities

Thematic visits

Discover our guest rooms

bedroom CURRY

The largest


bedroom LILAS

The brightest


bedroom GREEN

The quietest


flexible stays all year round

3 double rooms for up to 6 guests

1,000 metres high up in the mountains

moments of 100% discovery